What a winter!

This winter has been a bit mad at Culloden for us Cullodenites, (may have just made that word up, but it sounds good!)  with crazy weather and lots of work to get done before we reopened in February. Luckily everything went our way and we are now back up and running ready for another great season.

So, just what do we get up to when we’re closed?

Well, we’ve revamped our restaurant to make it more inviting, with lovely new comfy chairs on which to enjoy a delicious slice of cake with your coffee. It was great fun when they arrived and we all took turns to sit on them, probably looked very daft but we enjoyed it. And we’ve got new cute centrepieces to add a touch of colour.

Plus, and this is very important for anyone looking to change up a restaurant out there… we have squinted the tables! Sounds ridiculous but it is amazing how much difference it makes. Surprising how many people stood looking down the restaurant in wonder at the transformation of twisting some tables.


We’ve also got new tiles in the toilets and new soap which is very nice. Swear it is nicer than the stuff I have at home and we all now happily do dirty tasks so we can wash our hands in the fancy soap.


But, the main thing this winter was the storms we faced which caused some unexpected excitement…

The winds were pretty bad and the first thing you noticed the next morning as you drove up the driveway was the lovely Leanach cottage. May not sound exciting but considering there is suppose to be a row of fencing between the car park and battlefield it was a little worrying. However, further investigation showed fences were nothing compared to the roof.

Luckily the structure of the building was fine so nothing was damaged inside but we had an air conditioning unit blown over and sidings strewn across the roof. Thankfully we have an awesome facilities team who cleared the site despite being in a foot of snow and work is underway to fix everything back to its original state. Mother Nature does like to keep us on our toes!

In other news we decorated the staff room. Granted you may not see it but we are very proud considering certain other members of staff were, shall we say, less than convinced that we could do it. Never underestimate three determined women! In one day we got the whole room painted fresh and even added a fun Tetris column. Suffice to say we silenced our critics who begrudgingly admitted they were wrong and we were right. So if you’re ever in need of some painting give us a call!


So that was the winter and now we are back open for business and welcoming more people to Culloden every day. It’s great to have the doors open again and for the new season to kick off so why not come along and see us.

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