Time for a Scottish Escape….

With Summer upon us the talk has inevitably veered towards everyone’s holiday plans. We’ve all got our fingers crossed for some nice weather to enjoy our days off and maybe even catch a tan (or in my case just burn!) So, with that said we thought we’d highlight some of the unusual, gorgeous and fun places the National Trust for Scotland has available for holiday accommodation. We’ve picked our favourites and tried to cover all the bases but if in doubt check out www.nts.org.uk/holidays for even more great stays.

1. Lairds Wings at Brodie Castle


We thought we’d kick things off with a bit of opulence. Home to the last Laird, Ninian Brodie this spacious apartment can sleep up to 14 people and it gorgeous. I say this from experience as I use to help clean the place when I worked there and was always jealous of anyone who got to stay the night. It’s a great place for wedding parties, birthdays and family gatherings and the dining table is big enough for everyone. There is also a great aga in the main kitchen but if it’s just a snack you need there’s even a cocktail kitchen upstairs, something I’d never even heard of before Brodie.

2. Keepers Cottages at North Ronaldsay Lighthouse


From opulence to something a bit more unusual. What better way to spend your holiday than in the romantic setting of North Ranaldsay lighthouse. The lighthouse is the situated on the most northerly of the Orkney Islands and is the tallest land-based lighthouse in the British Isles. The remoteness of the cottages is definitely part of the appeal with the traditional ways of life still surviving today. And you don’t need to worry too much about the wild seas and blowing wind when you can go home and be greeted by a warm open fire.

3. Mar Lodge Estate


If you’re looking for something with stunning beauty all around why not try Mar Lodge Estate. It has a range of apartments and is situated in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. Recently used as the based for BBC’s Winterwatch, Mar Lodge is a beautifully restored Victorian sporting lodge creating a relaxing Highland retreat. I have been lucky enough to stay here and had a great time out walking before returning to the lodge and playing pool on their full size pool table. It also has its famous stag ballroom and plenty of stag heads throughout the lodge. A little creepy to walk through alone at night but spectacular none the less. Plus, it has its own generator which came in very handy when there was a power cut in the town whilst I was staying there.

4.Brodick Camping Pod at Brodick Castle


For those who are on a budget definitely consider the Camping Pods at Brodick. They are really cute and are very handy as they have a fridge, kettle, heater and you get use of all the extra facilities at Shore Lodge. With each pod sleeping up to four people they are great value and being based on the island of Arran provide a great base for exploring every corner of the island whether you’re aiming to climb Goatfell or check out the geology.

5. The Gladstone Flat at Gladstones Land


Situated on Edinburghs royal mile Gladstones Land is often referred to as a hidden gem and the flat above is no exception. Right in the heart of Edinburghs atmospheric Old Town the flat is on the top floor and offers great views of Edinburgh and out towards Fife. Also, to get to the flat you get to climb up the original winding stone staircase which is great fun. Don’t worry though the flat itself is perfectly modern and is a perfect cosy spot in a great destination.

Hopefully we’ve managed to tempt you with these properties but if not don’t worry because there are plenty more from seaside cottages to town apartments. Now all we need is the sun to shine and we’ll be all set for a great summer!

As always like, share, follow, tweet, comment and let us know your perfect Scottish holiday spot!

All the best K & D


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