Anyone for Sheep’s Head Soup?

Just when we thought we couldn’t get anything more gruesome for you to make than haggis we found a recipe for the classic ‘Sheeps Head Soop’.

A Sheeps Head Soop

Take the sheeps head & put it down with as much water as will cover it, a faggot of sweet herbs, a little all spice & pepper. Let it stew softly till the head be very tender. Then, take up the head & strain the broth & have 2 or 3 onions cut small & an head of white cabbage cut small. Put these in the broth & let it stew till it be very tender. Than have a qrt of new milk boyled, the yolks of 2 eggs brewed in it. Stir this into the soop. You must have one side of the head kept very hot & serve it in the middle of the soop. Put a little salt in.

To be fair we didn’t think it sounded too bad until the end where one side of the head was to be served in the middle of the soup. We didn’t fancy staring down and seeing half a head looking back at us!

Luckily puddings have proved to be much nicer including this recipe for Plum Cakes.

To Make Little Plumb Cakes

Take a pnd of flower well dryed, 1 pnd of butter & a pnd of currants well washed &  pickd, 3 qrt of a pound of white sugar well sifted, six yolks and 2 white well beaten. Beat the butter with a little orange flower water with yr hand till it cream, then put in yr corrants & a whole nutmeg. Then beat it again. Then mix the flower & sugar & put it in by handfulls, till all be in. Keep itt beating an hour after and when the oven is hot, butter yr pans. Yr oven must be as hot as for cheesecakes. 

This one sounded much nicer especially the addition of nutmeg and is definitely one we would be tempted to try.

One final recipe to share with you this week, though this one is slightly different. Instead of something to eat we found a recipe for some lip balm!

Recipe for a Lip Salve – Mammas Way

Take a pint & half of claret, a qr of a pd of currants, 1 pd of butter without salt, 4 or 5 ounces of Virgins Wax & 2 ounces of ye root Alkanet, otherwise call’d Alcony.  This last with ye wine & currants must be boyl’d a pritty while. Afterwards, ye butter & wax being put in, must be boyl’d a little, then strain all into a bason. If, when cold, you find it too soft, add more wax. If too hard, add more butter. When it tis cold, ye top must be taken of & melted by it self & strain’d into little cups for use. If you have a mind to sweeten it, strain it with orange flower water or what else you think fit.

We looked into it and Alkanet, or Alcony, is a herb which can be cultivated for its dye. The rind of the root can be used to produce a deep red colour, perfect for the lips.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading these recipes and might just give them a go.

As always do like, follow, tweet, comment, share, but please don’t terrify us with pictures of half a sheep’s head! All the best K & D


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